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Stray Animal & Wildlife Care




At CAVES we look to give back to the areas less fortunate creatures that do not have human counterparts of their own.  We see all of the surrounding towns injured stray animals as well as  injured wild life.

We treat domestic injured stray dogs and cats. We typically treat for shock and provide pain management while we work to find a potential owner.  We coordinate with the local shelter, the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA to provide shelter once the patient is stable or provide humane euthanasia if the injuries are beyond repair. Many of our strays remain unclaimed and we thank the areas pet owners for any support they can provide either financially or in placement. We do not receive any financial compensation for such service but are greatful for the compensation a lick or tail wag always affords.

We treat most forms of injured wildlife. We work to stabilize the patient then transfer to a licensed wildlife rehabilitators. We are fortunate to have some very dedicated wildlife providers in our community.


Wing of the Dawn: Wildlife Rehabilitation Center & Bird Sanctuary

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